Sifa Imannii Blackmon

[see-fah] n.  An imaginative and driven graphic designer with big plans

Hi there!

I have just recently moved to the Atlanta area to begin the next level in my career path and am currently freelancing my services while looking for a full time position as a Graphic Design. My hope is to work with a new company that will increase my skills and experience and give me the chance to grow within their company.

What type of work do you do?

If I could say I had a specialty it would be branding/identity. I enjoy creating a uniform look for an event or business in a way that captures people's attention. My branding skills include: logo, business card, event flyer, mailer, ticket, and poster designs. Ido straight digital artwork for my own enjoyment that I promote and sell online. I am also versed in the printing process. As of now I do not do web design, but I am teaching myself and hopefully I can add that to my skill set.

are you just a graphic designer?

No way! I'm a full believer that a graphic designer should never just be that. Designing goes far deeper than just a computer screen and so should the designer. Before I could even come close to afford all the expensive toys, I was strictly a traditional artist-drawing, painting, etc. When I transitioned into the digital world I brought those color and design values with me. I'm happy to say that my traditional background gave me a design style that was unique to myself and sets me apart from most designers. There's something special about transitioning handdrawn sketches into digital work while still holing its integrity. 

I am also an amateur photographer, a recent addition to my bag of tricks. The camera has this beautiful ability to not only capture moments, but allow us an opportunity to create moments and stories beyond our wildest imaginations. I am not ashamed to say that there are just some things that just can't be conveyed in traditional or digital art--but I'm working on it--and when that happens I turn to the camera for a new perspective. 

So no, I am not just a graphic designer. I am an artist, a well-rounded one at that. And I make a pretty good lemon cake-just saying.

How can you be contacted?

For any questions or jobs, I can be contacted either by phone or by email. I look forward to speaking and working with you!