Creative Workshop! Challenge 01: My Name Is....

So I recently picked a nifty little book called Creative Workshop:80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills. I bought the book because recently I've been having creative blocks when it comes to imagining new projects or getting started with commissioned jobs. No bueno, right? 

Anyway the book is chock full of challenges and projects for you to do in an allotted time period. It's meant to force you to come up with different solutions to various situations depending on the instructions you are given. I figured, why the hell not let's get weird! And if I can show my progress along the way with you wonderful people then two bird with one stone and all that jazz. 

The first challenge is called: My Name Is. The name of the game is to create a logo for yourself using some simple questions that are given with a time limit of 30 minutes. The first challenge is self-reflective so it's a good way to get the ball rolling on things. 

Considering that I already have my own logo design, I was in a bit of a pickle. I ended up tweaking the rules a little creating variations to my original logo. I was already thinking of going to through branding upgrade anyway. Below is what I got done in my time limit. I'm not happy with how little i was able to accomplish, but hopefully this will open the door for progression. I have to also realize that I was creating different versions of a already present design (one whose basic elements I wish to remain the same, but still want to revamp) so there was not a lot of room for variety in the short. I think I'll come back and do the challenge again and hope I do a little better. 

I have to say though, the process was pretty relaxing. I knew the clock was ticking, but I reminded myself that there was no pressure to hand anything in or have a finish product by the end of the time.

My advice is to not take yourself too seriously in here. it's the first challenge meant to get your feet wet. I'd also advice to not spend too long on perfecting one idea. It sounds like a lot of time to get different thoughts together, between answering the questions and jumping into it. I would say to experiment with a concept for a couple of times before moving on to something new. At least that the advise that I'll take when I try this one again. 

As creative minds we need to keep sharp and continuously challenge ourselves with new problems to solve. Plus working on a project for the simple sake of doing it can be fun when you think about the freedom you're aloud. 

If you're interested in giving the challenge a try for yourself, and I really hope you are, then just click the link below. Post your results using #Challenge80 or #CreativeWorkshop. And leave a comment to this post if you have some advice or something you want to say about the challenge. I'm always ready to hear from you guys!

Download Challenge: 01 My Name Is....