Hey Gurl Studios! Coming Soon to Etsy!

Hi there! So I've been crazy busy with all of my work at Minuteman Press, which I am loving by the way. I'm getting to interact with so many different businesses and project and if that's not amazing enough I'm learning s =o many new design techniques and better ways to be a designer with bank! 

One of the interesting things I learned is how Etsy is playing a big role in the printing game. While our business does provide design services including printing, not all of our customers want to pay for the design service. That doesn't mean they don't want a premium design though and they still want to print local with us--no one like shipping charges. So that's where Etsy comes in. 

I knew Etsy was a great place for handmade and unique items and even printed artwork/invitations, and the artists can post things for a pretty decent price too. Well I've also learned that there are designers that will sell just the digital files or invitations, flyers or posters, customize the files and allow the customer to figure out the printing details. 

Considering how many customers come in with Etsy designs that have been customized, I'd say it's a pretty successful solution. The designer still makes money for designing various things  without having to worry about printing and then having to send out the finished products to customers. It works out pretty nicely for the customer too, because they don't have to face the wrath of a designer up-charging to make up for shipping costs. 

So after checking out some Etsy stores that use this method and daring to imagine a way to fill my empty wallet, I decided to open my own Etsy store and sell custom, fabulous, and print ready designs. And so Hey Gurl Graphic Studio was born!! The name comes from a very well used greeting between my friends and it encompasses everything that I believe my designs represent: Simple, Sassy, Fun and Relatable. Don't let the name fool you though, in my store you'll find items for women as well as men. 

I'm still developing the designs right now, but I'm hoping to have the store up and running very soon with a whole bunch of things to see. I'm hoping if you've already gone through the trouble of reading this, you'll help me further by giving me any ideas on invitation, flyer or anything type of designs to add to my growing list. 

I hope you'll check out Hey Gurl when it hits Etsy!!