{Creative Workshop} Challenge 02: Easy as ABC

{Challenge} Design a typeface that will be composed from elements in the world around you. Assemble your 26 characters alphabet using only found objects or environments. Letters may be documented through collage, photography, photocopying, digital illustration and other appropriate mediums. {120 minutes}

Sooo this challenge was hella harder than the title leads you to believe. At first when you read it you think "Done! I've got this.", but if you're as manic as I am you start to realize there are an infinite amount of ways to do this project and just how terrifying that is. The challenge says to only take 120 minutes but with work, going back and forth on design and overall life, this took a good month to accomplish! Well I should say it took a month to sit down and get it done and about two days to actually finish it.

When I finally DID decide on a concept I went a bit out of the guidelines, because of doing these challenges was to boost my creativity as a graphic designer so it only seemed right to do this in that medium. (If you decide to take this challenge too, I definitely encourage you to do it in a medium that you really want to explore). I decided to take the letters and match them to watercolor illustrations (because watercolor is life) of things that they start with. The hardest part was running through my vocabulary for images to use. I didn't want to use the first objects that came to mind i.e A for apple and B for boat, so I ran through multiple possibilities and really challenged my brain for objects that could be easily illustrated, but still not the so basic. With that said there were a lot of images that I either had to bite the bullet and go basic with either because I couldn't find matching images that I was happy, or for some there were just images that I wanted over others and for a lot there just wasn't a lot of images available. Z and X for example were rough!

All in all I'm very happy with the results. I created something that is unique to my medium and what I like, its interesting and vibrant which you can't go wrong with (color is also life). This was definitely a creative challenge for my vocabulary and in finding the best ways to format and display the letters and images so that BOTH are highlighted. There was a lot of manipulations with the pen tool and pathfinder that had to be done in the process and if anything I got really acquainted with the Pen tool and Pathfinder. After everything is said and done I'm happy I was finally able to do this change and even happier that I able to finish it. Give it a try and see what amazing things you come up with.