All pieces are a combination of watercolor painting and digital imaging. Sized originally at 16x20

When most people think of something or someone having a dual nature, they think in terms of good versus evil, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or the Red Queen and the White Queen of Alice in Wonderland. I experience duality in a deeper sense, similar to the Ying and Yang philosophy. I am examining how the two natures differ, but also how they are similar and how, despite their differences, both are necessary to create a functioning whole.

 The subjects of this series vary in content, but they are all significant to the personal experiences that have shaped my views. In each piece in this series, I tell a story that I carefully constructed to not only show my views, but leave room for the viewer to construct his/her own analysis and relationship to the work. The foundations of the images are simple, whether they be hands, the brain, or words, allowing a flow of thought that analyzes the importance, the identity and the complexity of the artwork. The idea of the hands destroying in order to create and vice versa illustrates the visual conversation I hope to initiate with this series